Links & Tools

Here you will find everything the heart of a perpetual traveler and online entrepreneur could wish for and what could also revolutionize your life and work:

Jobs – work as a freelancer or outsource your processes!

Education – gain knowledge online. Often for free!

  • Coursera: Famous platform for online courses.
  • Viking Code School: Become a web developer.
  • Khan Academy: Free provider for online education.
  • iversity: Free online courses on university level.
  • Udacity: Take courses in IT fields.
  • duolingo: Get free language lessons.
  • memrise: Learn languages and other skills.
  • Udemy: More than 32,000 online courses.
  • Lynda: Numerous online courses.
  • edX: Online courses in cooperation with elite universities like Harvard, MIT and Berkeley.
  • SoloLearn: Learn programming languages for free.
  • TakeLessons: Become a teacher or get taught.

Networking – connect yourself with other similar people and find cooperation partners!

  • Find a Nomad: Find other digital nomads.
  • DNX global: The biggest event for digital nomads.
  • Meetup: Find groups and gatherings for all topics and interests in your area.
  • Linked in: A famous social network for professional and business affairs.
  • ThinkTank: The official Facebook group.

Perpetual Traveling – travel perpetually, simply and cheaply!

  • Nomad List: Fine the perfect destination for your trip.
  • Worldtimebuddy: Be informed about time and time zones.
  • Skyscanner: Find cheap flights.
  • momondo: Find cheap flights.
  • ita Matrix: Find cheap intercontinental flights.
  • Google Flights: Find flights with Google.
  • azair: Find cheap budget-airlines flights.
  • Kiwi: The very best and cheapest flight searching engine.
  • TripAdvisor: Plan and book your perfect trip.
  • CouchSurfing: Stay with locals for free.
  • agoda: Find cheap lodging.
  • airbnb: Rent last minute rooms or apartments for long or short term.
  • Find cheap hotels and hostels.
  • Uber: Find cheap taxis.
  • XE: Stay up to date on exchange rates.
  • Extensive dictionary for many languages.
  • Tripit: Plan your trips.
  • Secret Flying: Find good flight deals.
  • Flystein: Let experts find cheap flights for you.
  • Flightfox: Let experts find cheap flights for you.
  • Darjeelin: Let a number of experts competitively find cheap flights for you.
  • Travel Hacking Cartel: Be informed about cheap bonus miles.
  • Secret Flying: Be informed about cheap flight deals.
  • Flynous: Be informed about cheap flight deals from Europe.
  • Fly4Free: Be informed about cheap flights.
  • VisaMapper: Find out if you need a visa for a certain country.
  • iVisa: Book your visa directly online.
  • VisaHQ: Find out more visa information.
  • Numbeo: Compare life expenses and other information of locations worldwide.
  • Wimdu: Rent last minute and short term rooms or apartments.
  • EF EPI: Find out with the English Proficiency Index how good people in certain countries can speak English.
  • Nomad Wiki: Many information for digital nomads and other travelers.
  • Groupon: Use worldwide deals.
  • CruiseSheet: Find cheap boat tours.
  • HitchWiki: Many useful information for hitchhiker.
  • Falling Fruit: Map with publics plants that provide food.
  • Mundraub: Map with publics plants that provide food.
  • allTheRooms: The meta search engine for accomodations.
  • Sleeping in Airports: Information for sleeping on airports.
  • Withlocals: Eat, travel and do acitivities with locals.
  • Vayable: Tours and acitivities with locals.
  • Best Onward ticket: Rent short term onward flights to don’t have trouble at immigration counters.
  • WirKaufenDeinenFlug: Compensates immediately for flight costs if the flight got cancelled or missed.
  • PushApp: Get informed about good travel deals.

Insurances – be insured!

  • World Nomads: Provides a travel, health and theft insurance explicitly for digital nomads. But is somewhat expensive.
  • Cigna: Is a famous international health insurance.
  • IntegraGlobal: Is an international health insurance.
  • Allianz: Is a famous international health insurance.
  • Aetna: Is an international health insurance.
  • Globality: Is an international health insurance.

Communication – stay in save contact with clients, family and friends!

  • Skype: The probably most famous provider for VoIP and video phoning. Also provides the possibility to call normal phones.
  • Tor Project: Anonymize your communication and surfing on the internet.
  • WorldSIM: A provider for international SIM cards. Relatively expensive but save stress.
  • StrongVPN: Safe and fast VPN for anonymous worldwide surfing on the internet.
  • Cloudwards: Find good VPNs and more.
  • Betternet: Free VPN.
  • IPVanish: Safe and fast VPN for anonymous worldwide surfing on the internet.
  • HideMyAss: Safe VPN for anonymous worldwide surfing on the internet.
  • TrueCrypt: Tool to encrypt data and whole hard drives.
  • Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki: Information on prepaid telecommunication worldwide.
  • Project Fi: Worldwide SIM card by Google.
  • OrangeWebsite: Web hoster with the best privacy from Iceland.

Stock Photos – buy and sell images!

  • Pixabay: Source for over 460,000 public domain images.
  • Gratisography: Source for high resolution Creative Commons Zero images.
  • Picjumbo: Source for free images for private and commercial purposes.
  • Fotolia: Famous source with over 44 million cheap royalty-free images and videos.
  • Shutterstock: Famous source with more than 60 million royalty-free images and videos.
  • Panthermedia: Source for more than 50 million royalty-free images.
  • iStock: Source for millions of royalty-free images, videos and audios.
  • depositphotos: Source for royalty-free images and videos.
  • dreamstime: Source for more than 36 million royalty-free images.
  • 123RF: Source for more than 45 million royalty-free images and videos.
  • Flickr Creative Commons: Flickr’s service to get numerous stock photos with CC-licenses.
  • Envato Market: Beside stock photos you get here millions of themes, audios, videos, code snippets and so on.

Online Business – everything a location independent business needs!

  • FastBill: Accounting tool online in the cloud.
  • FreshBooks: Accounting tool online in the cloud.
  • billomat: Bill management online in the cloud.
  • PayPal: Famous online payment service.
  • PayPal Donate Button: If your business doesn’t work well you might be supported via Paypal donations.
  • Coin Widget: If your business doesn’t work well you might be supported via bitcoin and litecoin donations.
  • OfficeTime: Time tracking software with many functions for accounts of charge for several projects.
  • Privatebox: Mailing address as a service in New Zealand. The paper mail will be scanned in for you. So, your paperless office becomes reality.
  • PamFax: Online fax provider with your own fax number.
  • PixelLetter: Provider who prints and mails online written letters.
  • Scanbot: Smartphone app for scanning in documents and QR codes with cloud access.
  • LagerBox: If you still own stuff which you can’t take with you or store at friends’.
  • CudaSign: Provider for electronic signatures to sign documents while you are on the road.
  • Clickbank: Find affiliate products.
  • Udemy: Find affiliate products.
  • Affilinet: Find affiliate products.
  • Digistore24: Find affiliate products.

Online Tools – useful tools on the internet!

  • PicMonkey: Picture editing online in your browser.
  • Canva: Design pictures and banners online in your browser.
  • DesignWizard: Cheap and good alternative for Canva.
  • feedly: This RSS-reader gives you an overview on your favorite blogs, websites and youtube channels
  • WordPress: The standard software for blogs.
  • IFTTT: If This Then That is a service which connects many other services with each other and makes automatic actions possible.
  • Create Infographics easily.

Management – manage your life and work!

  • todoist: ToDo list with many functions like team and project management.
  • mindmeister: Mindmapping in the cloud or in team.
  • RescueTime: Time management tool.
  • Asana: Working on stuff in a team.

Marketing & Monitoring – enlarge and measure your success!

Online Selling – sell and distribute products online!

  • E-junkie: You provide the products and e-junkie does the rest for you.
  • WooCommerce: Famous online store.
  • xt:Commerce: Another provider of shopsoftware.
  • Zendesk: Improve your customer relations.
  • s2Member: Provide digital products and sell them.
  • Alibaba: Buy products directly from the manufacturer.
  • AliExpress: Alibaba for private customers.
  • RankSider: Advertise products which you choose on your blog and earn money with it.
  • RankSeller: Advertise products which you choose on your blog and earn money with it.
  • Amazon Associates: Advertise Amazon products and earn money with it.
  • Amazon Services: Sell your products through Amazon.
  • Amazon aStore: Use an online store in cooperation with Amazon.
  • clickbank: Provide digital info products or advertise them for commission.
  • Zanox: Leading affiliate marketing network of Europe.
  • affilinet: Affiliate marketing provider.

Financial Infrastructure – stay financially agile!

  • Bitwala: Do transations to IBAN accounts with bitcoins.
  • Revolut: One debite card with different currencies you can select in an app.
  • Curve: One card replaces all your other cards.
  • Binance: Decentralized crypto-exchange of the future with many coins.
  • Kiva: P2P-Credit-Platform.
  • Advanced Cash: Crypto platform with many interfaces to worldwide payment service providers.
  • TransferWise: Do international transactions cheaper and easier than with usual banks.

You know more useful or interesting tools and websites which are not listed here? Then please write them to Thank you!