TDV Offshore Consulting

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A tax-free lifestyle featuring maximum freedom!

  • Do you seek a lifestyle free of taxation but are unsure about how to make it happen?
  • Do you want to rid yourself of all the paperwork and draconian filing requirements?
  • Do you wish to escape the rapid erosion of freedoms and increasing lawlessness in your country?
  • Would you be interested in internationally diversifying your life by obtaining a second citizenship and passport?

Follow our four-step path to achieving a life of genuine freedom and liberation! helps freedom-seekers from all walks of life legally reduce or completely eliminate the burdens of taxation and bureaucracy via relocation to more favorable overseas jurisdictions. Now, are you ready to unleash your international game and begin living the liberated life?

Head for greener pastures abroad or even become a digital nomad.

With 200 countries in the world to choose from, we'll help you pick one or several that match your wants and needs!


Schedule an appointment and let us know how we can assist you as well as your preferred method of communication.


Give us a little time to match you with an expert advisor who is optimally suited to explain all viable options and courses of action aimed at resolving the problems at hand.


We can help you set up a tax-free and paperless company and answer your specific or general questions about moving abroad and securing second citizenships, residencies, and passports.

Free Follow-Up Questions

Following the consultation, our consultants will be available to answer any follow-up questions at your convenience and at no additional charge. We will continue to provide information and advise you throughout the process until you are ready to move forward with your desired course of action. We will also proactively provide periodic updates in order to keep you abreast of any new important developments.

About Us

Liberated Services LLP is a hard-hitting team consisting of two friendly and dedicated digital nomads with a wealth of expertise on the topics of emigration, offshore living, and perpetual travel. We also have a native English speaker on board who serves as a special advisor to our English-speaking customers on topics related to the acquisition of second citizenships and passports.

Do non-nomads also stand to benefit from a liberated consultation?

Absolutely! Many people simply wish to move abroad, obtain additional citizenships as part of a backup plan, or reduce the bureaucratic burden in their home countries, while others are focused on international travel and saving on flights and learning how to earn money online.

Some people wish to rid themselves of all the obligations and endless paperwork and transition to a simpler lifestyle far removed from the rat race.

Others may wish to explore the world for a year and experience the benefits of offshore living first-hand, which often include a high standard of living at a fraction of their home country's prices.

TDV Offshore Consulting

Freedom is priceless. But there are also further-reaching reasons to go offshore or secure a second citizenship. The tax savings alone make it a difficult proposition to resist. Acquire the knowledge you need NOW for just

  • Independent
  • Customized
  • Confidential
  • 100% money-back guarantee arrange an appointment for a consultation to embark on your journey toward alife of maximum freedom and international diversification!

We genuinely care about helping our clients achieve their offshore goals and will take the time to evaluate your individual situation and create targeted strategic offshore strategies.

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100% money-back guarantee

In light of our extensive experience providing support people seeking to relocate abroad and/or set up offshore companies, we are confident that the value of our services far outweighs the prices that we charge. Further, we offer a money-back guarantee in the event that we are unable to provide assistance. So what do you have to lose?

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