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Your tax-free life with maximal freedom

  • You always wanted to live a life without taxes?
  • But you're not sure how to do it legally?
  • All that paperwork is really annoying you?
  • You are looking for second citizenships?

So you can reach your freedom in 4 steps!

Since 2016 Liberated.blog helps you to live a tax and bureaucracy free life. We are happy to have helped many other emigrants to a liberated life in numerous consultations.

Emigrate or become a digital nomad with our help.

Tax-poor or tax-free? The choice is yours!

Arrange appointment & name topics

Make an appointment with us and write to us about which topic you would like to be advised. What is the communication medium of your choice?


Give us a little time to provide you with the best advisor, who will take special care to solve your problems. Our staff is very well educated in finances.

Consultation session

We can help you set up a tax and paper-free company or answer your specific questions about emigration and second citizenships.


Even after the conversation we do not remain inactive. Depending on the content of the conversation, we will forward further important information and contacts to you.

About us

We are two digital nomads with a lot of expertise in emigration, offshore and perpetual traveling. We have a special Advisor for taxation and citizenships for our English speaking customers.



Dennis has been a second-generation digital nomad since 2016. After studying business informatics, he stopped short his second degree and set off into the wide world.



Chris spent a year and a half preparing for digital nomadism. In 2019 he left Germany with his wife and they love their new lifestyle.

Is the consultation also suitable for


Absolutely! Maybe you would like to emigrate, get new citizenships or you would just like to travel and reduce your bureaucratic burden in your home country. Do you want to save on your flights or earn money online from now on?

Maybe you would like to get rid of all the obligations and papers and live a simpler life without all the stuff that does not enrich your life from within.

Maybe you just want to get away for a year and know how you can live in the most beautiful apartments with pools and gym for a total of $600 a month (or less), with daily hospitality with the best food and the most beautiful smiles to warm your heart.

All of this is part of everyday life as an emigrated digital nomad and you are still allowed to come back to your home country every year to cultivate friendships and family ties during the seasons of your choice.

TDV Offshore Consulting

Freedom is priceless. But there are even more reasons to go offshore or go for a second citizenship. Tax exemption saves you huge sums of money every year. And you get the knowledge for that NOW for just:



  • Independent
  • Customized
  • Confidential
  • 100% money-back guarantee

...to arrange a consultation appointment with us and live a life of maximum freedom.

*Common price for a consultancy in the offshore industry. But for us, you and your freedom are the focus of attention! Therefore we take a lot of time for you and your individual situation.

regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
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Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • 30 minute private coaching call

100% money-back guarantee

We have a lot of experience with people who want to emigrate or set up an offshore company. We are convinced that the value far outweighs the price. However, if we cannot find a solution in your specific case, we will give you a money-back guarantee. So there is no risk for you. Isn't that fair?

Frequently asked questions

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