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Liberated Life

Establishing Canada LLP

Costs: 2199 USD (onetime) + 499 USD (a year)

First of all: If you have not yet worked through my information package on how to set up a Canada LLP, you should definitely do so, so that you are informed about the basic facts!

As a service and to avoid time-consuming mistakes, we fill out the rather more complicated form of the agency for you and send it to you by e-mail for you to sign. Please fill in all data conscientiously.


First of all, please fill out the following form and submit it. We will then get in touch with you!

Name choice for the LLP:

The Canadian agency needs at least 3 name proposals for the foundation, so that they do not have to ask if the first proposal is already in use. The company name must be made up of 3 parts:

1. A distinguishing element or the actual name (e.g. Liberated)
2. A descriptive element (e.g. Services)
3. A legal element (either LLP or Limited Liability Partnership)
For example, "Liberated Services LLP", “Jackson Marketing LLP" or “John Logistics Limited Liability Partnership"

As such, the name must be in English (family names allowed) and in English spelling: e.g. Mueller Marketing LLP instead of Müller Werbung LLP.

"LLP" and "Limited Liability Partnership" is the same legal form. They differ only in length and pronunciation. Depending on the customer context, it may make sense to use the long spelling, as not every customer can understand the abbreviation LLP.

Business purpose of the LLP (multiple choice possible):

Investment / HoldingTrading in Goods / ServicesConsultancyProperty InvestmentProfessional / ExpertOther

Purpose of the LLP:

Since regulations in Canada require it, the agency needs "detailed information regarding the intended use of the LLP". Simply write briefly the general field of business, a list of business activities (goods and services) and other relevant information.

I simply wrote for my company: "IT services, programming, consulting, selling digital products, affiliate income"

Don't worry, this description doesn't limit the company to these business areas forever, but the authorities just want to know that to get started.

Geography of business:

Please provide "detailed information on where the LLP will trade, invest and offer its services everywhere" (provinces, states, regions, countries, etc.)

I simply wrote for my company: "Potentially all countries except Canada. For the time being, however, only Europe".

Again, no worries, after all, the company can do business anywhere. This information is again for the regulations, but also so that we can advise you better if we know certain information about countries and business areas.


Please give the full (passport) names of you and your partner(s) who will form the LLP together. You need at least one partner for the formation. The partner can also be a legal entity. If your partner is only a name provider and you effectively run the company, then the ratio of 99.9% to 0.1% is recommended.

Percentage share: Authorized to give instructions
Percentage share: Authorized to give instructions

Please provide the following information for all partners:

1. Full first name(s) as indicated in the passport
2. Full surname as indicated in the passport
3. Date of birth
4. Occupation/employment (e.g. self-employed software developer)
5. Citizenship
6. Citizen or resident of Canada (yes/no)?
7. Address (digital nomads can also use a post box). It is important to be able to prove that the address can receive mail for you: So either with an identity card or if it is not official registration address, then with a consumption bill. For example, I used my server invoice here, which is addressed to my mail box.
8. Personal telephone number (preferably mobile)
9. Personal e-mail address