PR & Cooperation

Opportunities for cooperation

If you want to cooperate with the there are numerous opportunities:

Affiliates for good products

If you have a good product that helps the audience of the to maximize their freedom then a affiliate partnership would be a real win-win-win situation.

Joint online courses, webinars and conferences

We can also create joint online courses, webinars or conferences in which we incorporate our particular expertise to generate the heighest possible value for the audience.

Organizing of joint workation

Co-working and living can be very rewarding for all participants and their business. Therefore, a workation is an excellent occasion to start something together.

Good deals for our audience

You have a product ¬†that might be interesting for the audience of the And you also have a great promotion deal for them? Let’s have it! ūüėÄ

Interviews and guest articles

Interviews and guest articles are not only enriching due to and exchange of knowledge but are also a very good opportunity to generate a wider audience. As long as it is a give-and-take and the particular audiences gain profit from it the is very open for this kind of cooperation.

Speeches or Google Hangouts

Whether a local presentation or a virtual via for example Google Hangout, the authors of the would also love to share their knowledge this way.

Business ideas

You got a serious and morally proper business idea and the might be able to support you with it? Then just contacts us and we will see if we can cooperate here.

Media coverage

You want to report on topics which are relevant to the content of or even to the itself? We would love to give needed information to you and share with you our knowledge and experiences.

Topics and audience

HERE you get to know which topics the is about! Therefore, the audience the is serving consists of all people who are interested in those topics.

Conditions for a cooperation

In general, we are very open to talk to anyone about anything. But if a cooperation is intended the following values are important to us:

For what we stand for:

The best way to communicate is to be honest and direct. Because only if we know each others goals and intentions we can evalutate if we support them as well. We¬†put a lot of emphasis on¬†honorable intentions. We explicitly deem striving for financial profit as such. But the end doesn’t justify the means. But as much as the intentions we also find the acts very important. Moral behavior is absolute vital for us. But by the way, this is not a one-way street. When we make mistakes then please mention them to us!

What we don’t like:

We are open-minded to think about everything. But if you already know in advance that a cooperation will end up in the following then please save both of our time and just don’t contact us.

MLM & Ponzis

Even though they might be¬†eligible business models we don’t want to promote MLM and Ponzi schemes.

Promotion of anti-Christian worldviews and practices

We actively stand for Christian values and the Christian worldview. Therefore, we don’t want to promote anything which goes against it.

Poorly reasoned (conspiracy) theories

As said before, we are open for everything¬†‚Äď and also for initially absurd sounding theories. But if we check them and evaluate them as poorly reasoned then in the most cases we don’t want to report about them (even though they might be true in the end).


We talk to anyone. But if see in advance that someone intentionally fakes reports or reports out of context then we don’t want to be a part of this media.


Otherwise just contact us freely. Then we can clarify things. We are looking forward to your message!¬†ūüėČ