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Wealth Building and Asset Preservation

What do you think? Is your money safe? Do you know how to invest and which institutes you can really trust in? We prepared for you some astonishing insights to get a strong financial structure for you and your business.

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Why 1% Posses More Than 99%

According to Oxfam 1% of the people possess more than 99% and 62 individuals more than half of mankind. Is this normal? We say yes and explain, why it is not a problem at all.

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Which Credit Cards Work Abroad?

In most countries you need cash to pay your bills. With many credit cards you don't have easy and affordable access to your money. Believe us, it can really get the worst time of your life going into a country with the wrong cards!

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What About Crypto-Currencies?

We had several big bubbles with a lot winners and a lot of losers. How can you recognize that a new bubble is coming without speculating too much?

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3 Non-Monetary Reasons for Crypto-Currencies

This article provides you insight to understand the power of crypto currencies beyond the function as digital money. Is this a revolution or just a dream?

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How You Get Robbed by Banks

Let's face it! Banksters are real and there is good and bad money. There is also digital money. But where does all the debt come from? Let us talk about it so that you can benefit from these information.

Money Shakedown by Governments and Banks

How You Get Robbed by Governments

Yes. You've read correctly. The most tax systems are crazy. Without even realizing you probably loose most of your money. But in this article we share with you our philosophy on a fair and transparent taxation system.

Money Shakedown by Governments and Banks

Why You Need Your Own Business to Protect Your Money

Do you know why some people stay rich, even if they get in troubles? That is because they protect everything they have in structures no-one can approach from the outside. Be smart! Learn how to do that, too.