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Money Savings Tricks of Industry Professionals. Fly, sleep and celebrate affordably.

Photo: Marina Bay Sands in Singapore - normally, nothing is possible here under 200 euros per night! There are things you normally only find out when you work in certain industries. This article will help you to save a lot of money in the future.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapur: Unter 200 Euro pro Nacht geht hier normalerweise nichts!
Hunde feiern mit Festtagsutensilien
We have already described in another article how you can save a lot of money on flights - especially as a permanent traveller - but the following tips are also useful for "normal people".

Get super bargains with special programs

There are programs for people who work in the tourism industry and want to get a personal impression of different products. In concrete terms, these can be free or very inexpensive offers for hotel accommodation.

But also cruises, air travel, safaris, car rentals, insurance, airport parking and some leisure activities such as musicals, zoos, parks and concerts are among them. Thus even luxury hotels in case of under-occupancy of their rooms gladly offer mega-favorable deals.

However, the term "tourism industry" is very flexible. Basically, a personal travel blog can already open the doors here. Of course, a little creativity is needed to qualify for this. As these special programs are of course not meant for the masses, otherwise they will surely be discontinued soon, I do not want to distribute them here publicly.

In a personal consultation, however, I can explain to you how to use them.

Save as a journalist

But not only professionals in the tourism industry can benefit from perks. Journalists can save a lot in many places as well. And it doesn’t even matter for which department you write. I became aware of this fact when I was skiing once with my aunt.

Although she is certainly not a sports journalist, she was free to enter the ski slope. The operator of the slope probably reasoned: “Maybe she writes a positive review in a regional publication or on the Internet.”

For journalism, there is no fixed definition, too. You may have a travel blog or work for some mainstream fake news outlet. It theoretically doesn’t matter. All you have to do is getting a recognized press card from the industry associations.

You get these benefits quickly

With the right press card, trade fairs, product presentations, shareholder meetings, congresses, press conferences and major political as well as sporting events may open the gates for you. On the following German websites, you can inform yourself about the requirements and maybe get an ID (maybe your country has similar associations):

(for Germans)

Once you have a national ID card, then it is a small step to get an international press card:

Of course, you can always design your own press ID, but the cards of recognized organizations have a better reputation.

Dare, but do not exaggerate

Generally speaking, journalists can easily get more personal freedom since more goodwill and understanding can be expected for the press.

While the reporter does not have diplomatic status, better treatment by private and government institutions is not guaranteed but may be possible due to the influence of the media and the importance of press freedom. The same applies to tourists.

Here on the Liberated.blog you can find out how you might enjoy the benefits of residence addresses without being a permanent resident of any country while living tax-free. Or you may want to have a personal consultation.

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Are there any advantages in your industry? Then please let us know in the comments below! You know more tips? You are also welcome to share these information with us ;-)