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Liberated Life

How to Emigrate?

You may think it is not easy to leave your country. Surely it is a big step, but with our help you will be successful. You will find all the answers you need to create your new life!

How to Emigrate, guy with package on a road with sunset

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Let us introduce our favorite way of living a liberated life. As a digital nomad you are a minimalist, but you have a lot of opportunities other people don't have.


How to Escape the System?

Let's talk about the reasons why you should leave. You will get rid of a lot of problems. As a digital nomad, you can live wherever you want, depending on your finances, which can be much better after you leave your country.

How Do I Organize Myself Effectively?

Maybe you struggle with your life goals or your self-management. Don't worry! We give you insights in our routines and how to handle these things and get ready for your new life.

How to Learn a Language Quickly

You struggle with languages? No problem. There are some tricks you can use for a more effective learning. It will also bring your brain into a better state in general.

Theft - Viruses - War

Precaution for paranoids. Maybe you are anxious about what could happen to you or your environment. Read this article to get the safest infrastructure we know about.

Hand Luggage Only - To-Dos

What should you put into your bags and why do we prefer to travel without a lot of stuff? We have lists which had been improved several years to get them perfect. Don't waste your time in gathering information from everywhere.

Minimalism and German Orderliness

It is easier to live minimalism than ever before. Through the digitalization you have everything you need. Take a picture and let things go. Scan the most important documents and put them into an archive.


How to live minimalism without the feeling of lacking anything. Here you can find life-hacks for a usual as well as an unusual nomad lifestyle.


How to get the best and most affordable flights? These 5 flight hacks will help you even if you are not a digital nomad. It could also provide you a discount for your next holidays.


Is it even possible to become a digital nomad? What if my emigration fails? Here is some encouragement from me for you!