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Consulting session
199,- USD
An individual consulting session for the topic of your choice.
Sharing relevant sources
Referring to additional contacts
Detailed answers and solutions including relevant tips, considerations and warnings
100% satisfaction guarantee*

*100% satisfaction guarantee:

You only need to pay when you really get value from the consulting. If we cannot help you or our information are already known to you, you, of course, don’t need to pay. We trust our clients and our services’ quality. Therefore, our clients only pay after the consulting on principal. Only for long-term help we expect a monthly payment. Of course, you can also end the support package early at any time without giving any reasons.

Would you like free consulting?

Maybe you don’t even need a consulting session and you questions can be answered by the community in Facebook. Join our Facebook group and tell us about your challenge.

Possible consulting topics:

  • Crypto currencies & blockchain technology

Bitcoin and so on are recently talked about a lot. But you don’t know yet what is actually behind this blockchain? We make you crypto-ready! Whether you want to create your first wallet or you want to trade on exchanges, we go with you step-by-step. Upon request, we also help you directly via TeamViewer or Skype to deal with all the technical stuff, whether wallet or exchange. So you will be able to set it up on your own later. We also train you how to protect your data.

  • Escaping the system

Digital nomad, perpetual traveling or just an residence in a tax haven? Many people would like to escape the system. We teach you successful and practical ways out. Profit from our experience and learn to get along with surprisingly upcoming hurdles. We know which pitfall you absolutely need to know.

  • Online business

Learn tips and tricks how to build up your own online business and how to get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy and taxes. Let your business plan be checked for its validity. Or just be strategically advised regarding corporate development.

  • Flag theory

We teach you what advantages an international lifestyle will bring you when you strategically source out many areas of life (flag theory).

Questions regarding the consulting:

  • How long does a consulting session take?

It depends on you and your topic. We don’t work on an hourly basis but on success basis. Every client is individual and brings his own personal situation and challenges. We want to get the best possible answers and solutions for you. But the maximum session duration is limited to 3 hours. But a session should not take longer than 2 hours anyway. If you wish long-term help you can also book our support package. The help includes one consulting session per week for a long-term.

  • Can a consulting session have multiple participants?

Yes, you may also talk to us together with you family, friends or business partners. But it makes only sense if you have a common request or at least one which doesn’t require an individual consultation which might be more adequate if you have different backgrounds and challenges.

  • Is the consultation legally binding?

No, we are not accredited tax or financial consultants. And we love it like this. Because we can show you the unconventional ways and system hackz. Therefore, our services are coachings. For the execution, you are responsible yourself. If applicable we can also remit you to certified contacts and official law offices. But we are only intermediary and take no liability or responsibility for outsourced processes and third parties. But in the most cases, a legally binding assessment is not even necessary. But we also show you real life proven possibilities. But we still need to exclude any liability for our information given in the consultations although we consult you to the best of our knowledge and belief. We also emphasize legality and morals. We will not consult you how to arrange illegal activities. We explicitly distance ourselves from that!

  • May I record the consultation?

Yes, for private purposes you may record our talks. Then you can listen to it again later in your post-processing and don’t need to take notes while we are talking. But you are not allowed to publish your recording. Of course, you may also play it to friends, relatives and business partners.

  • Can we also use encrypted communication?

You may choose the way we communicate. But of course the easiest way might be just Skype or Whatsapp/Telegram.

  • Is it possible to pay using cryptocurrencies?

Of course! 🙂

  • What is the procedure?

For preparation you may send us information about your situation and about your plans and motivations. The more you tell us the better we can prepare for the session and can choose the right consultant for you.

In the beginning of our session you briefly tell us your wishes and questions. Through directed further inquiries we will work out optimal solutions with you. Your goals are our highest priority. But we also might tell you some problems and possible alternatives.

In the aftermath, you need to decide for yourself which of our ideas and suggestions you want to realize. We might also send you more information for further evaluation and research. If desired we can also send you additional contacts. You may also send us brief further queries via e-mail.