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On-Board Courier - The Perfect Nomad Side Job

What if you had a job that would pay you a flight, hotel and your wages and that allows you to continue working for your online business? Too good to be true? Learn about on-board couriers.

On-Board Courier view out of the plane
on-board courier-on-aircraft 1 landing

A courier is also paid for his free flight.

Free Flights and Accommodations?

As a digital nomad, I am relatively flexible in terms of time and location. I can work from anywhere – whether in the plane, in the hotel or in the airport lounge. And I usually do not plan more than a month ahead.

Yes, basically, even these plans are very vague: maybe at the end of the month I might visit a buddy abroad, or maybe not. Maybe the day after tomorrow I find a cheap flight to South America, but maybe not.

I usually take it as it comes. It would be cool, too, if I could make my money like that: As it comes!

It goes without saying that most employers are not able to make use of such a non-committal and flexible lifestyle, which is why, as a nomad, I am aiming for location-independent jobs.

But this spontaneity can also be a great strength. Some jobs require a hundred percent readiness for departure: be it a doctor on call, news correspondents or express couriers.

The International Express Courier

On-board couriers are those people who are available on request and are always ready to just transport important items such as medicines, spare parts or other relevant means of production to the other end of the world.

The courier app is notifying me – a new request is there: A package must be picked up quickly in Frankfurt and brought to Madrid today. In 2 hours the plane departures. Here we go! Tomorrow morning back to Frankfurt again. Oh well, Spain is beautiful, I would rather prefer to stay there. Next week, an order from Madrid to Johannesburg will be offered anyway. And there is a mission back to Hong Kong after 10 days.

Life as an on-board courier is so exciting and flexible. It fits perfectly with my life as a Perpetual Traveler. And the convenient thing is: Now I do not even have to plan where to go next, and the courier company pays the tickets anyway. The courier app is set to standby mode and if I do not like a destination, I do not have to accept the mission.

Thanks to location detection, the app always knows where I am. By the way, for every order I get at least 150 Euros payment and the hotel is paid for the time of the mission. Of course, the mission-relevant transport costs for train or taxi will also be fully covered.

on-board courier-on-aircraft 2 wing, sun and clouds

An on-board courier enjoys greater freedom than most people.


In addition to the aforementioned flexibility, which one has as a digital nomad (and even most self-employed), of course, English skills are essential. Other language skills are of course beneficial. Visas are also of great use to various important industrialized nations such as the USA and China because more orders can be accepted spontaneously.

If you collect flight miles, you can deposit your corresponding memberships with the courier agency and they will take these into account when they book your flight. So, you not only save the airfare, but gradually gain even many miles. A police certificate of good conduct is also mandatory at most agencies.

A permanent job is not offered, but you have to be a freelancer. When you are a nomad with a foreign company, this is no problem. After a brief application and an online video training you are ready to go as a worldwide courier. Just download their app and turn it on standby so that you don’t miss any mission requests.

Life as an On-Board Courier

Of course, the mission has top priority. And when you accept a job, you have to stop everything and start traveling. If this is not a major problem for you, then this job provides you many advantages. You get around and see the world. You have plenty of time on the plane and in the hotel to work on the laptop.

It is only important that you bring the package as fast as possible to its destination. If you complete a mission once a week, it can provide you a living.

You can become an on-board courier at the following companies:

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What do you think about this job? Have you ever been a courier? What are your experiences? What other nomad jobs do you know? Please write it down in the comments!