The bureaucracy and tax-free company that every digital nomad should know! 

Find out how you can establish a company in the reputable jurisdiction of Canada which doesn't know any bureaucracy or tax if set up correctly - totally legal and without being a superhero.

Establishing a tax and bureaucracy-free Canada LLP


  • - You have always dreamt of less bureaucracy?
  • - You are sick of paternalism and of the cutting of your freedom of contract
  • - The liabilities give you the feeling that you are a machine which is working day by day for some bureaucrats who don't actually know your business and only create you problems?
  • - A Canada LLP is a better type of a Canadian Limited Partnership giving limited liability to all partners while the Canada LP only provides it for the limited partner.
  • - Although the Canada LP is usually even more expensive than the LLP - especially in maintenance - I know how to get it for the same price as the LLP. But better choose the LLP!

It's time for change! Get informed now!

How to get your Canadian LLP in 4 steps!

Since 2018, I've been advising digital nomads and online entrepreneurs on how to start a Canada LLP and whether they should choose it or another structure. So I have successfully accompanied numerous people and companies through the start-up process. I know just about any questions that might come up and I have packed all my consulting experience into one info product.

That's how it works:

1. Order the Info-Package

Buy this Info-Package and work through it. 95 to 100% of all your questions should already be clarified and you can evaluate if Canada is for you.

2. Consulting session

If you still have detail questions left over, I offer you a free consultation. (I earn my money through this course and the affiliate commission.)

3. Agency

I am sending you the most affordable agency in Canada, according to my research, with which my clients and I have already had a lot of good experiences.

4. Support

I accompany you through the entire startup process and I am your contact, if you have any questions or problems.

This you will learn 4 modules with more than 20 videos


Module 1: Basics
  • How does it work?
  • Aren't offshore companies illegal?
  • Which kind of legal structure is the company?
  • For whom is this construct suitable?
  • and much more...


Module 2: Benefits
  • How is the reputation?
  • How does the freedom from taxation work?
  • How much bureaucracy is there?
  • Is there really no book keeping necessary?
  • Where in Canada can you get the full shield limited liability?
  • Is there a minimum capital required?
  • Do I need a bank account for establishing an LLP?
  • What are the advantages of the LLP as compared to a Canada LP?
  • Why is a British Columbia LLP the best?
  • How easy is the establishing process?
  • and much more...


Module 3: Establishing
  • How exactly does the establishing process work?
  • What is a registration statement?
  • What is the annual report? Can the agency do it?
  • What is a registered office?
  • Which types of Canadian tax numbers exist and do you need one?
  • What types of business are allowed?
  • How about the founding partner?
  • How many partners are required?
  • Can the partner itself be a company?
  • and much more...


Module 4: Bonus tips
  • What should you consider when writing invoices?
  • How do you deal with KYC?
  • and much more...

About Dennis

Dennis has been a digital nomad of the 2nd generation since 2016. After completing a degree in business informatics, he dropped his second university studies and set out for the wide world. From there he is responsible for various projects such as the To go "back" is no option for him.

Dennis has been a valuable source of information for thousands of people since the beginning of his journey. Every day his blog helps as orientation for other people on their way to a (tax) free and global life. After researching the details about offshore companies, he himself enjoys having a Canada LLP since 2017 and can consult you focused on your real life situation.

Also interesting for "Non-Nomads"

Maybe you are an online entrepreneur in a bureaucratic country and you would like to reduce your red tape.

Maybe you would like to establish an offshore company to reduce the probability and the financial risk to be sued because of a ridiculous matter.

Maybe you would just like to understand what makes up good offshore structures and what kind of benefits entrepreneurs might gain through them.

Maybe you would like to emigrate or become a digital nomad in the midterm and you want to already find out what would be the right setup for your business.

All of that is possible with a Canada LLP. Order your Info-Packge now and learn more!

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Flexibility is pricesless. Freedom from taxation saves you vast sums of money every year. And the necessary knowledge can be purchased NOW for only:


49$ (net) or for free**

  • Start immediately
  • Immediate access to all modules
  • Free consulting session if needed
  • 100% Money-Back-Guarantee for 60 days

...and securely purchase this Info-Package to build your business with maximal freedom.

*Typical minimum price for a single consulting session in this industry

**If you form a Canada LLP with us, you will receive the full purchase price as a discount. The formation costs of a Canada LLP are €1999 (one time) and €499 annual fees to maintain the business. The first annual fee is included in the one-time fee and is not charged extra.

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Why choose us?

We cooperate only with experienced lawyers who are also ready to give you answers to your questions. We offer a flat price, so you do not have to pay more after the purchase. Surely you can save a few euros with other providers, but definitely not with this expertise and quality of legal advice. You don't want any nasty surprises after a few years, do you?

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