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16 Jobs to Earn Money from Anywhere

A lot of people wish to earn money from anywhere. We wished that too and found 16 possible jobs you can do without even leaving your house.

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This article shall encourage you. It doesn't matter if you are a student who wants some more bucks or a house wife who could really need some additional money. Or maybe you want to get some location independent money to finance you traveling the road while working on the road.

Perhaps you are a freelancer or plan to become one but you don't dare yet to start it because you don't know how to survive the first months. Here are some ideas to earn money. Maybe you might be able to implement some of them in your life:

1. Translations

You speak more than one language? Maybe you even lived in another country and you are able to translate their language at least with the help of a dictionary into your native tongue. The more exotic and advanced your foreign language skills the better it obviously is.

Besides classical translation services which are paid per word you might also try live interpreting. A simple and time-flexible way to earn money with interpreting is Xplando. Here you translate talks (for example of refugees with the authorities) if demanded directly via your smartphone. 

Or you may take the initiative and you directly mail potential clients. For example, there are many foreign language speaking successful YouTube channels which would love to expand to your language's market. Whether you would do voice dubbing or just translate the subtitles you might negotiate with them.

Maybe you will be able to get even a share of the ad revenues from your language's audience. This would step by step create a passive income for you. Or maybe you mail foreign book or blog authors. If you master your native language in speech and writing you may also work as proof-reader.

2. Online Store

Whether you sell self-designed t-shirts with stupid phrases on Spreadshirt or self-made decoration in the store of your own website merchandising might be a good source of income. You can also use the big platforms like Amazon or eBay to create your own store.

3. Product Design

If you are a good designer you might even cooperate with someone who already has a well working online store. You could use Fiverr as your platform to sell your service.

4. Graphic and Web-Design

If you additionally have some technical skills you might to be able to really rake in some money while doing classical freelancing. Just design some graphics, flyers, presentations and websites for some customers here and there.

5. Programming

If you also can program you hit the jackpot anyway. Programmers are needed worldwide and you can make a huge income with not much effort. So, it really is worth the time to learn to code. You can check therefore the Liberated.blog Links & Tools.

As a programmer, you can of course also create fee-based apps or plug-ins (e.g. for WordPress, E-Commerce-Shop-Systems or browsers) and generate some passive income in this way. If you need a jump-start to learn programming, I can offer you an individual coaching.

6. Photography

You love to take photos and are somewhat talented in doing so? Then you also can sell your pictures as stock photos on the internet. Here you might be able to slowly build some passive income.

7. Online Marketing

You are well versed wit SEO and also into social media? Then you can do the online marketing for other people. Many companies would certainly like to have a social media manager, but can not afford a full-time job at Western prices.

Here, your part-time skills would certainly be in high demand. Just write some unsolicited applications!

8. Consulting

Generally, you might do many consulting task even remotely and per Skype. Whether it is as said marketing or a classical business consulting. There is a broad range of possibilities. Whether it is IT, tax or trademark laws it doesn't matter. Whatever is your expertise could also be your field of consulting.

Maybe you want to coach people. Maybe even people which are location independent themselves. With a little bit of creativity every niche is possible: Couple therapy for perpetual travelers or nutrition counseling for busy managers.

9. Info Products

The whole coaching and consulting might be even scaled up by info products (like blogs, e-books and video courses). Share your knowledge and earn money with every sale.

And if we reflect on our hobbies and interests we realize quickly that we all have area in which we know something. In comparison with beginners we might even be real experts.

10. Teaching

Teaching doesn't always need to take place in a community college or as a fixed university lecturer. On the internet, there a many online universities and video platforms which spread education. Any level is needed. Just take a look on the Liberated.blog Links & Tools list.

11. Writing

You can write good texts? Maybe you even have some knowledge about marketing? Why don't you for example become a copywriter for product descriptions? Or become a ghost writer? Or you just start your own blog or even write an (e-)book.

With Amazon Direct Publishing you can even costless publish everything without finding a publisher first. Or you might become a part-time journalist (for example in your field of profession).

12. Assisting

Many businessmen and digital nomads source out their tasks. Whether it be video editing, proof-reading and formatting text, answering e-mails, doing customer support and cold calling, research or flight booking, many of those tasks might also be done location independently or in your home office.

In the Liberated.blog Links & Tools you will find many websites who work as contact persons between assistants and employers. A few jobs as online assistants often be sufficient to start a life as a perpetual traveler: Let's say you earn 10 Euros per hour for such a work.

So, you can make 600 Euros per months with just 2 hours of work per day. This would be already enough for a life in South East Asia. The rest of the day you might invest in your own projects.

13. Trading

If you are experienced in trading you also (having internet of course) can work from everywhere. Or you consult others in their investment decisions.

14. Affiliate Marketing

You can create niche-websites which deal for example with breeding pigeons (or whatever is your field of interest). Here you can place many affiliate links (e.g. affiliate links to Amazon). And if pigeons' friends search for a new cage or for daily bird food and buy through your website you earn a commission.

Of course, your website has to be very informative and must rank quite well in Google. So, people can find and read your site. Or you start one of those Facebook pages which share all those funny cat videos. If you achieve some spreading with it you can also place affiliate links in the description of your posts or advertise for online stores.

You can also advertise our products and get a huge commission: Become our affiliate partner!

15. Dropshipping

One of the longer trend is to order products directly at the producers in China and design the boxing and do the marketing over the Internet. Storage, online store and delivery will be outsourced for example to Amazon.

With some blood, sweat and tears you might be able to create whole virtual brands. Learn more about dropshipping.

16. Employment Exchange and Outsourcing

What I planned by my own one time is that I find cheap software developers during my trips (e.g. in India) and then get for them jobs in Germany. Of course, I would take a good profit margin.

Since as a German programmer I have better access to the high priced European market and since I can offer good prices through my partners there is a good chance to get my share from globalization. Theoretically this also works with all other location independent jobs mentioned above.

One Last Advice

You should offer a money-back guarantee for your products. Even if you occasionally are not successful with this strategy you, on the other hand, will convince many potential buyers with this guarantee to go the last step and buying your product. Therefore, you might need to take some products back once in a while but all your new won customers make up for it.

Additionally, customers don't want to feel inconsistent. If they bring back your product then they have to admit to themselves that they made a wrong decision buying your product. This prevents many from actually using the money-back guarantee.

As you see there are many opportunities. I hope that I could inspire you a little bit. With some creativity and lateral thinking, you might even be able to create your optimal own source of income.

Now read on how you can write the perfect blogpost.

Do you know more job opportunities to earn some extra money? Then please write them below in the comments!