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Offshore Company

Is it time to set up a tax free business in a highly reputable country? Of course! Have a look on these topics and get help by one of our Canadian lawyers.

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Where Should I Start My Own Business With a Statutory Tax-Free Income?

Let us introduce the Canada LLP. As a digital nomad you have a lot of opportunities other people don't have. So you can live legally free of taxation. And your business can be tax-free as well. But also most other company can benefit from an offshore structure to reduce paperwork. 

We have several offshore companies but surely the Canadian LLP is the best because BEPS is coming and will "destroy" many offshore places in the future.

Canada LLP Boxshot

What if my company has to stay in the EU?

Some business models depend on a headquarter in the EU. We have a solution for this as well. The e-residency in Estonia makes it easy to set up an Estonian OÜ. Here you can find out what advantages and disadvantages Estonia entails.

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The End of Facebook? Earn Money with Posts and Likes

A dangerous competition for Facebook and other social media sites is establishing itself quietly and secretly. Increasing censorship leads to a large emigration to Steemit. The best thing about this platform is: You can earn money with posts and likes.

Steemit Cup

Free Flights and Accommodations

If you just started, this could be your first job: On-board courier. Just freelance with your new Canada LLP and get your flights paid. Earn a small salary and get a lot of time and impressions for "free". You can work on your own business in the meanwhile.

On-Board Courier view out of the plane

What Can I Do to Earn Money from Everywhere?

Good question. We have a lot of answers and opportunities for you. We created a job list and have a lot of providers of remote work for you.

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How Do I Write a Perfect Blog Post?

Do you like writing articles, but can't make a living yet? Along with the tips for free flights, here's the guide to write perfect blog posts. You just need time.

Blog and fly for free as an onboard courier, comic, blogpost

Blindspot Survivorship Bias - Deception of Success

Can anyone reach the moon or become a superstar? Maybe. But here are some facts for you which will help you to consider where success really comes from and where probably not.

Blindspot Survivorship Bias - Deception of Success

Reading 365 Books per Year? This is How You'll Make It

A whole book a day? That sounds very challenging, doesn't it? But it's realistic. We'll show you how to do it. You'll find all necessary tools for free.

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