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Establishing a Safe Harbor Abroad as an Escape Ladder Strategy in Times of Distress

  • Are you wary of the direction in which the western world is heading?
  • Are you concerned about the surging violent crime, rioting, lawlessness, and endless political strife?
  • Are you sick of the extreme political correctness, suppression and censorship of dissenting opinions, indoctrination of schoolchildren, and the erosion of free speech and other basic rights?
  • Are you appalled at the very real prospect of skyrocketing taxes, wealth confiscation, a collapse of the banking system, the economy, and the dollar? What about a bank bail-in?
  • Many western citizens have been horrified at the developments taking place throughout the course of 2020, which has left them feeling bewildered and utterly powerless in the face of a de facto revocation of constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.
  • Fortunately, there are effective strategies available designed to ensure freedom, prosperity, and individual sovereignty in a society steadily deteriorating into chaos and totalitarian governance.
  • Acquiring dual citizenship and a second passport is a savvy method of spreading financial, political, and jurisdictional risks across national borders to ensure that valuable options are available overseas in times of severe social and economic upheaval.
  • For a number of very important reasons, the country of Armenia is an excellent destination for a western citizen seeking to achieve continued prosperity via international diversification.

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An Unrivaled Wealth of Practicable Information

The information presented in this report was meticulously prepared by second citizenship experts with the objective of creating the most accurate, complete, up-to-date, and useful assessment of the prospect of acquiring Armenian citizenship. It is the result of countless hours of independent research, fact verification, and discussions with industry and legal experts and Armenian government officials.

In light of this, the report undoubtedly constitutes a pioneering work on the topic of second citizenship in Armenia, as it contains an unrivaled wealth of practicable information and balanced strategic analysis packaged into a single well-organized 69-page report.

How it Works

1. Armenian Citizenship Report

The 60-page Armenian Citizenship Report contains comprehensive and valuable information and insight designed to preemptively answer any questions that could arise about any of the numerous routes to obtaining Armenian citizenship.

2. Consulting Session
(not included)

Schedule a confidential consultation with one of Liberated Life's second citizenship experts if you would like to discuss the prospect of Armenian citizenship with one of our second citizenship experts. We'll tie up any loose ends and help you stake out the further course of action.

3. Lawyer Recommendation

If you decide to pursue Armenian citizenship, we will recommend an experienced and affordable Armenian immigration lawyer based on your preferred route to citizenship.

4. Free Updates

After purchasing Liberated Life's Armenian Citizenship Report, you will automatically receive notification whenever the material has been updated. You will be provided with access the updated report at no additional charge.

Each of the four modules of this course feature several different sections containing valuable information about little-known rules and caveats. You will find thoroughly explained actionable steps based on inside information available nowhere else!


Module 1: Basics on Second Citizenship and Armenia
  • Is dual citizenship legal?
  • What are the rules pertaining to the use of a second passport?
  • What are the benefits and potential drawbacks of dual citizenship and a second passport?
  • Why is Armenian citizenship better than citizenship of another western country?
  • What are the perks of living in Armenia?
  • and much more...


Module 2: Banking and Taxation in Armenia
  • Is it safe to bank in Armenia? Is there a deposit insurance guarantee like the FDIC?
  • Who is allowed to open an account?
  • How do I open an account?
  • What type of interest do Armenian banks pay?
  • Does Armenia share bank account information with other governments?
  • What are the tax rates in Armenia?
  • Does Armenia impose citizenship-based or residency-based taxation?
  • Does Armenia apply a worldwide or a territorial taxation system?
  • What is the Armenian government's attitude toward taxing the wealthy?
  • and much more...


Module 3: Traditional Routes to Armenian Citizenship
  • How many different standard routes to Armenian citizenship are available?
  • How long does it take and how much does it cost to obtain Armenian citizenship?
  • Do I really need to live in Armenia or spend any time there to acquire Armenian citizenship?
  • Do I need to understand and speak the Armenian language?
  • and much more...


Module 4: Other Routes to Armenian Citizenship
  • Can I buy Armenian citizenship outright?
  • What if I have Armenian ancestry or an Armenian spouse?
  • Can I pass on Armenian citizenship to my spouse, children, and future generations?
  • What should I consider when deciding on which route to pursue?
  • and much more...

About Liberated Life's Second Citizenship Consultancy

Liberated Life offers a flexible range of verbal consultations, written correspondence, standard reports, and courses on a wide range of topics germane to the acquisition of second citizenship.

Our specialists hold advanced university degrees and possess a wealth of highly actionable second citizenship expertise. They demonstrate a pronounced personal passion for the pursuit of freedom by way of internationally diversified lifestyles and are very well‑versed in the intricacies of this field due to years of daily reading, research, and remaining abreast of industry trends and developments.

Additionally, all of our second citizenship specialists are multilingual native English speakers who have successfully acquired at least one second citizenship in adulthood, which enables them to provide valuable insight to clients from a position firmly rooted in understanding and first‑hand experience.

Our consultants are not pushy salesmen or smooth‑talking marketing gurus, but rather personable and highly educated professionals who genuinely enjoy discussing the topic of second citizenships and conveying practical information to clients in a relaxed setting.

Reach out to us today at to obtain the critical information that you need to embark upon your international journey toward achieving greater individual sovereignty, security, and freedom!

Armenian Citizenship report

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