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The keywords above are outlining exactly what the Liberated.blog is about. Here you will find valuable inspirations for your own life.

Liberated living!

Freedom is a great treasure. The Liberated.blog wants to help you maximizing your own freedom. Because there are unfortunately many forces which cut down on our liberties. Some of the things that make claims on us are practical constraints. Others, however, are natural regularities. Some of our obligations were voluntarily. Others come without being asked for. Some restrictions in our lives might be surely good and useful. Others on the contrary are imposed on us for questionable reasons.

Depending on how you are characterized you might find different solutions to all these everyday struggles than many of your fellow human beings. Maybe some of the answers given on the Liberated.blog might seem unconventional to you or even very awkward. That’s because we are all different. It is in a way one of those natural regularities which we all must deal with. Another challenge you will be asked for on this website is: “Be open minded!” But how you will be relating to that is totally up to you and your freedom 😉

The goal of the Liberated.blog is not motivating you to break the law of your country. And to say that authorities are evil per se is not the point made here. And to spread immorality is as well not the intention of the Liberated.blog. Quite the opposite: The Liberated.blog desires that freedom is maximized in a preferably legal matter. The Liberated.blog wants to show that there are some good and useful authorities, too. But of course, not to forget there are bad authorities which should be scrutinized. The Liberated.blog likes to call for a moral life while deliberately questioning on what moral values are founded on. It is an important concern of the Liberated.blog to view freedom in holistic terms and not to reduce it only to an economic concept, a state theory, the life within society, the personal life or to spirituality. For freedom, would then become a very narrow idea and could not continually persist in everyday reality. The Liberated.blog wishes that you might become more free in a holistic sense by maximizing your own freedom and caring for other people’s liberties.

Topics on the Liberated.blog



Here you find everything concerning topics like free market economy, state theory, politics and society.



Here are articles on how to maximize your own freedom and how to jettison needless cargo for living more minimalistic. And you will find everything on how to build up your own global life.



Here you will find reviews of books and movies and interesting projects, strategies and solutions will be presented.



Here are the somewhat different travel stories: Insider knowledge, interviews and discoveries around the globe. Everything accessible to you for free!


Spirituality & Values

Ethics and values, meaning and faith – here you will find answers as well as new questions.



New ideas, freedom issues, intellectual challenges or just highfaluting gibberish: These things will be provided to you here.



This world is one of the weirdest! Here you will find the evidence.


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